Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treating? Come on. I can't believe this brother of mine asked me to go trick or treating with him. We're high school students for goodness sake and he's out on the streets asking for candy.

Moreover, I don't like to celebrate Halloween. I just don't want to dress up as a mummy or a zombie with a missing limb or applying fake blood on my shirt. Besides, I'm too old for that.

"It's too bad you didn't come with me, oneesan. The truth is, I didn't want to go trick or treating. I just want to go out today and take a walk with you -- and watch them kids dress up in costumes."

Then why didn't he say so in the first place? If you want something, just say it head on. Don't pull over, don't turn left, don't turn right, crash it head on.

"Well, it's not yet too late. We could still go to the park if you want."

08:14 pm
"Whatever it takes." - shibahime
some kind of crap
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I've read in a book somewhere... if you are not alone, look around you.. more or less you will find a hypocrite.

Hah, it's hard to please other people. Shock! I just realized, if that's true, then is it even harder to please the almighty creator? I think weird.

02:07 am
"Whatever it takes." - shibahime
they're back!
Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Finally, Mom and Dad are back! I feel so alive. This household is back on the road again. My world is bright and sunny.

No more cooking for me and Kazuma. It's their turn! Time to get pampered once again!

Everything is getting back to normal. It's loud in the hallways and I prefer it more than silent and barren. The flame lives on.

01:15 am
"Whatever it takes." - shibahime
where did they go?
Sunday, September 03, 2006

The rain won't stop in my head, ever since Dad left for England. He said that he'd come back as soon as he wraps up his work. Apparently, his shirt and skirt designs attracted some English folks and they asked him to help out in a fashion convention.

"Dinner's getting cold, sis. Hayaku and let's eat already." Mom's out too so Kazuma made dinner.

Mom's residing in the hospital for the moment. She has been asked to watch over and study three patients with rare complications. She's awfully busy and comes home once a week. She told us that she's almost there.

In the end, Kazuma and I are once again estranged from our family. It's quiet. I could hear the crackling of burning wood in the fireplace. I wish they'd come back before we burnout.

"Mmm... you are a good cook, Kazuma. Hmm... a chef in a rockband. Ever considered opening a restaurant?"

08:47 pm
"Whatever it takes." - shibahime

character profile

Name: Shibahime Tsubasa
Age: 16
Eyes: green
Hair / Color: Long Straight / Thick Orange Blonde
Height: 1.45 m
Weight: 39 kg

A short, beautiful girl who loved Arima since they attended middle school together. She inherited her looks from her father. Although she studied hard so she can attend Hokuei High School with Arima, a bad skateboarding accident prevents her from starting school with everyone else. In the past, Tsubasa tried to confess her love to Arima several times, but Arima was completely oblivious. So she settled for being treated like Arima's younger sister as long as he did not have another girlfriend. But upon learning that Arima has a girlfriend, she becomes insanely jealous of Yukino. After fighting it out with Yukino, they become good friends.

Tsubasa's mother died while she was giving birth to her, so she was raised by her father, and it was her loneliness that she had in common with Arima. Tsubasa is very possessive of her father and throws a huge fit when she learns that her father plans to remarry - to her nurse at the hospital where she was treated for her skateboarding accident. But after meeting her son, Kazuma, Tsubasa eventually warms to the idea of extending their family.

Tsubasa is a sucker for Totoro.

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